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Mechanical Service
and Repairs

At Brisbane Diesel, we provide a wide range of mechanical repairs and servicing. When it comes to mechanical repairs in Brisbane, we’re a team you can trust to provide professional, affordable, and reliable services on all of your heavy duty diesel vehicles. It’s important to catch mechanical repair needs before they get out of control or cause bigger issues, so be sure to schedule regular servicing appointments with our experts for all of your diesel vehicles.

When Should I Contact a Mechanic?

Calling a mechanic is ideal when you notice any change in your heavy-duty diesel vehicles including noises and smells, the way they drive and everything in between. Anything out of the ordinary should warrant a call to your local mechanic. Staying on top of these potential issues will save your business money in the long run.

How Often Should I Schedule a Servicing?

We recommend scheduling a maintenance service every 12 months granted no issues arise during that time. Providing your heavy-duty vehicles with annual maintenance checks, tweaks, and repairs will help keep them running optimally, and your business running smoothly. You’ll extend the life of your vehicles and keep your employees safe when everything is up to date and functioning optimally.

What Are the Underlying Problems?

There are a lot of issues with your diesel vehicles that can’t be detected unless under the speculation of a professional eye. A mechanic can spot issues with brake pads, leaks, belt issues, and more – things that won’t give any indication that there’s something wrong until they’re damaged or failing to function. Allowing a mechanic to have a look means you can replace certain vehicle parts before they become a real problem.

What Do Our General Services Include?

Our mechanics will check a number of things when they provide a maintenance inspection. They’ll check tires, brakes, fluid leaks, and other basic factors that need to be kept in top shape to keep you and your employees safe.

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